Typical Wednesday.

Went to the dentist. They gave me a piece of paper with the work that needs to be done, in order of imporance. Total cost? $8,000. Yikes. Next week I’m going in for the first and most extensive of the whole thing. Awful awful awful. It spoiled my mood for awhile.. church started out a bit rocky.

Bram, Elias and I had fun.. we always do. Bramwell (who is 3) kept turning off the lights while Elias was trying to do his homework. Elias got frustrated. their mom was a bit frustrated. I was a little frustrated. Tonight as I was driving home, I got a phone call from their house. This is what happened once I answered..

me: hello?
voice: hi Stephanie.
me: hello.
voice: this is Bram.
me: nu uh.
Bram: yes.
me: oh… hi.
Bram: sorry that I kept turning off the lights.
me: …what?
Bram: and Elias couldn’t do his homework
me: oh, are you apologizing for turning off the lights today?
Bram: yeah.
me: it’s okay. thanks for apologizing. I forgive you.
Bram: ok. I love you. bye Stephanie.

He then tried to tell his dad that Chloe, their dog, wanted to talk to me on the phone, too. PRECIOUS.


One thought on “Typical Wednesday.

  1. So! I officially love this blog too! :]
    all your lovely photos and words.
    you are 56 times cooler because you like Phil Wickham!! Sailing on a Ship is one of my faves!
    and i have twitter too.
    electro_cee ;]

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