1/365 – W.O.R.K. (the dots mean nothing)

That last post was a bit self-indulgent. Yesterday was probably the wordiest day of my entire life, I just could not find it in my to SHUT UP.

Like I mentioned, yesterday I re-started Project 365. Click on “Emily Grace” over there on the right to see my sweet sister Emily’s project 365. We originally started on the same day but I gave up due to very monotonous days and a camera that couldn’t capture the beauty of them. So here I go again.It will be interesting to see what happens to this during the summer when we’re both at camp. Em, have you thought of that?

1/365 - W.O.R.K.

1/365 - W.O.R.K.

At work, we’ve been entering VHS tapes. I was building epic towers of VHS tapes, but it kept falling on my head. Videos on the left needed to be manually looked up on Amazon. Videos in the middle were worth more than 25 cents, and videos on the right were less than 25 cents and therefore of no use to us.

Stop being jealous of how thrilling my job is, please.


2 thoughts on “1/365 – W.O.R.K. (the dots mean nothing)

    I’m so excited that you’re starting again!
    and yes I have thought about it during this summer… shall be interesting. I mean I’ll take a picture everyday… I’m just not sure how often I’ll upload them..
    best summer EVER is about to arrive!

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