the future is always developing.

Now that camp has officially ended (which I am still in denying) the question of what is next in my life keeps coming up. It’s always worded differently, because I think people have different answers they’re looking for.

Earlier today I was sending a message to Aleen. In the first part of the message, the question was asked of her, “where do you work?” and towards the end, “what are you doing with your life?” It occurred to me that we frequently think the two are interchangeable. The reality is that our work and our lives often do not walk hand in hand in terms of our purpose.

Raise your hand if you are 24-years-old and you feel that you have a job that accurately reflects your passions and the footsteps you’d like to leave in your lifetime. If you did raise your hand, then you’re lucky. If your hand stayed on your mouse, then you’re probably normal.

Why is there so much emphasis put on the “career”? As we were driving home from the store I told my mom that I am not interested in a career. If I have a different job every five years for the rest of my life, I could die a very happy girl. There’s something boring and bland about spending twenty years doing the same thing. I spend three years doing the same thing and was about ready to pull my hair out.

My goal in life is not to be irresponsible; I do not want to ever be someone who drains the resources out of anyone, my parents included. That said, I trust that if God gives me the opportunity to be transient and be able to survive, then I will take it and trust in him.

Side note: I’ve shared with my friends a few times in the past few days how much I am worried that I am becoming one of “those people” whose advice is always prayer and who always gives a Sunday School answer to all situations. When I say “I trust that.. God,” I don’t mean it in the generic way like when rappers thank God, just because he’s there and he’s powerful. As the result of my deeply intimate relationship with my Creator, in times of uncertainty my only default is to trust him. It is in the same way that I trust my dad with my life, not in a generic way that I would say I trust my friends with my life.. but because I am secure in my father’s love for me and concern for my well-being. I am always secure in my Father’s love for me and concern for my well-being. So I confidently declare “I trust that.. God.”


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