If there’s one thing I have a love/hate relationship with, it’s technology. I like my technology with a healthy dose of real life interaction. Today, I love technology, and it’s because of a twitter hashtag: #truthursday.

As if Jeremy Cowart couldn’t get any cooler in my eyes (it was his idea, by the way.. that wasn’t a completely random statement).

Thursdays are all about telling the truth; sharing secrets [about yourself, obviously] and discovering you’re not alone. John Mayer, when talking about hearing people sing the line “so what, so I’ve got a smile on, but it’s hiding the quiet superstition in my head, don’t believe me when I say I’ve got it down” (Why Georgia) described it as safety in numbers. When we are all experiencing the same discomfort, the same fear, the same anxiety, the same shame.. it becomes more safe. I think it not only becomes more safe, but it becomes less destructive.

So Thursdays. If you’re on Twitter, start tweeting (I never take people seriously when they use that seriously, so in case you are like me.. please know that I giggled at myself) some truth, and add #truthursday so everyone can see.

If you don’t have twitter, don’t let that stop you. Change your facebook status. Blog. Wear it on a shirt. That last one was a joke, unless you thought it was a good idea.. and in that case.. take a picture?

Every Thursday from here on out is #truthursday on my blog. You’ll get some truth, and I encourage you to share your own.

Safety in numbers, people. Don’t leave me hanging.

Truth: I feel very boring all of the time.


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