100 songs.

As I was driving back to Pacifica, I had an awfully hard time choosing what music to listen to. Music has always been an important part of my life, as I mentioned a few weeks ago in a blog about how music allowed me to tesser.

So over time, I am going to compile a list of 100 important songs to me. Songs that allow me to tesser and are deeply woven into my life. One song at a time (in no particular order).

#1. Jessie
by Joshua Kadison (youtube)

I had a piano man lovefest in my car; Billy Joel, Elton John, Jamie Cullum.. and then Joshua Kadison. Track 1 of Painted Desert Serenade: Jessie.

My mom had a cassette tape of Painted Desert Serenade, and when I was old enough, she’d let me stay in the car when she ran into Safeway to get some groceries. I would sit in the car, my feet on the dash, and I’d listen to this song over and over. The lyrics or story of the song mean absolutely nothing to me; just another song about another crazy girl who leads a boy on. However, this song always reminds me of the ocean (“tell me all about our little trailer by the sea”) and the first eight measures still make me giddy.

This might be the only Joshua Kadison song to show up on this list; there’s another one that could potentially make it, but I only have 99 songs left.

Also, I’d like to say that I have a very small, somewhat low, voice range. If I was ten and trying to sing along to this song, that might explain it.


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