Facebook friends.

Recently, my Facebook friend count went over 1,000. That number seems really big. I recently did one of those “Facebook friend stats” things and discovered the following information:

In my 1,0002 friends:
11 countries; 36 states are represented
60% are female; 40% are male
57% are single; 43% are taken
58% are democrats; 42% are republicans

Most common name: Rachel (13)
Most common zodiac sign: Cancer (88)
Favorite Music: John Mayer (51)
Favorite TV show: The Office (87)
Favorite Movie: The Notebook (26)
Favorite Book: The Bible (37)
Favorite Activity: Reading (33)

The highest mutual friend number I have is with Mark Nottle: 317. Which supports my idea that most of my friends are through Camp Arnold and/or the Salvation Army.

This is why I am writing this blog about my facebook friends: I LOVE PEOPLE.

Every single time I’ve sent someone a friend request or approved theirs, it’s been with the heart and intention of getting to know them, or even to open up the opportunity for that to happen at some point. Frequently, it doesn’t feel to be the same on the other end. Even though I am time and time again reminded that being someone’s friend on Facebook isn’t always the indicator of a real friendship budding, I still keep trying. So if you are one of the 1,002 friends who have either asked to be my friend or confirmed my request, know that I would really like to be your friend. I don’t collect Facebook friends just for the fun of it, as that is seems like a shallow, unsatisfying thing to do. If you ever sent me a random message or wall post or picture comment, that would make my day. and don’t be weirded out or anything when I randomly message/wall post/picture comment you. Because odds are I think you’re pretty cool.

If we aren’t using social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to create and build positive relationships that enhance our lives.. what’s the point of signing up in the first place?

PS One of my Facebook friends (who is a real life friend, lucky me!!), Allison Ghorley, is one of the finalists in the Verity Mom competition on VerityMom.com .. she is married to my friend Brandon Ghorley of The BGP (my favorite band). Click on her picture to go to the site and submit a vote for her.. it’s super easy. Then make sure you let me know that you did, so I can thank you! 🙂


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