/ dress up.

One of my Facebook friends, Marisa, posted yesterday about Social Workout‘s October Challenge, Eat. Sweat. Blog. This is the first day! By signing up for the challenge, I’ve committed to exercising 20 of the 31 days of October, and completing ten of their 22 healthy eating feats. I’ve taken on two monthly feats: No drinking soda and no eating after 9 pm. Being conscious of my trip back home, my weekly feat is to write down everything I eat. After this week, I won’t be having my typical Starbucks drinks for the rest of the month! Yikes! It will be a good challenge, and I am very happy that there’s a lot of community encouragement/accountability involved.

A few days ago, Emily and I dug into their dress up clothes and went through them. Emily looks pretty cute as a blonde, yeah? I was trying really hard to put a hat on Ramona, but that dog just will not sit still. I do love her, though.

Today I started writing a song. It was about my friends who lives far away. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog concerning my friends far away, but didn’t even remember that until I was about to tell you about my song; so instead of writing about it today, I will write about it later. Probably tomorrow. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to blog how I think people would like me to blog; intentionally and creatively and seriously. I frequently do that: approach things in a way I think will please people. That’s just not me, though. Instead, I’ll embrace the idea that people might not like my blogging.. but it will be way more fun for me. Plus it looks prettier! 🙂


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