Playing catch up.


BLOG, I have missed you so!

I’m back in the northwest… “if this is what I call home, why does it feel so alone?” It’s hard; everyone keeps asking me what I’m going to do now that I’m back and I shrug and say “I dunno, hang out?” If only I could get paid for hanging out…..


bradandgretchEarlier I wrote about my friends Bradley and Gretchen calling me about dinner. We had dinner! It was delicious stir fry.. except we forgot about making the rice until too late! So our rice came later. and Bradley made a cheddar cheese/pear pie. Weird, right? Somehow it ended up working. After dinner, Bradley was talking about his legs being short, so we sat on the floor to compare.  Note in the above picture how Gretchen and I are leaning over to touch our toes, but Brad is effortlessly touching his. He’s even taller than me! Anyway. I love my friends (Cassie as well.. she took the picture!)

Speaking of my friends and how much I love them. This past weekend The Salvation Army thrift store had an “Everything 50% off” sale. Those are the best days! On Saturday morning, my friend Tiffany and I met for coffee before heading over.. and upon arrival, discovered a line outside that was Black Friday worthy. We ended up buying a vase full of jewelry. Normally 30.99, but half off and then split between us we each paid $8.  That evening she came over and we took turns picking out jewelry to keep.

I made you this nice picture:
jewelryIt is so hard to have the people I love spread out all over the world. Sometimes my heart aches to be with people far away; not that I don’t like those I’m with, but when I am in a state of semi-permanency, I miss the temporary so much. It’s more new: fresh: exciting. This weekend I’m going to Idaho with my friends for my friend Annie’s wedding.. where I will get to see more of my friends. It will be so good for my heart (but so bad, because then I will miss even more people).

So here is a question for you, person reading my blog:

If you could open up a door and magically be in any one spot with any person (that person has to be related to that spot. I cannot say ‘Hawaii: John Mayer’, ‘the bathroom: nobody’, etc) where would the door open to, and who would be there?

Mine is the dock at camp with Matt and Matt.

Your turn.


One thought on “Playing catch up.

  1. That is a really really hard question. But, probably the dorms back at Oregon State with Candace and Becca… and maybe a few more people. Yeah.

    Unrelated. I am generally free Wednesday evenings, and most Thursday evenings. Just not today. Let’s hang out!

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