Annie got married!

the invitations

the invitations

On Friday my friends Gretchen, Ellen and myself all got in the car and headed over to Idaho for our friends wedding. After an 8 hour drive, we finally made it to Annie’s apartment where we unrolled our sleeping bags and immediately fell asleep.

After Annie left for the church to continue getting ready, I got to know her new kitten, whom I affectionately named Little Cat. Little Cat is so small she can sit in your hand. I taught her how to sit in the sink, too. Adorable.

Right before the wedding we were joined by a handful of other camp friends; a car from camp and a car from Spokane. It is so good to have so many amazing friends. I didn’t check my phone for a solid 5 hours, because I was so excited about being with my friends.

me and sarah vh, one of my favorite friends.

me and sarah vh, one of my favorite friends.

I’m not a hopeless romantic. I don’t dream of someone coming to sweep me off my feet and walk me into the sunset. That’s stupid. But I am excited about the idea of one day getting married. As my life has gone on and I’ve seen my friends get married and I attend more weddings, I’ve compiled a little list of ideas for my wedding. Now I will share some of them.

  • During the ceremony, the bridesmaids and groomsmen will switch places and his boys will pray over me and my girls will pray over him.
  • After the ceremony, there will be a wedding cake. Ten or so minutes after everyone has been waiting, someone will say “do you think they’d mind if we cut the cake before they got here?” and they will cut the cake and pass it out. but then the real cake will come out and everyone will laugh and stop being awkward.
  • When the whole bouquet throwing thing happens, I will have strategically placed people who will throw a few bouquets at the same time so it will end with confusion and mayhem, and it will be funny.
bethie being silly as she was slurping up her spaghetti.

bethie being silly as she was slurping up her spaghetti.

Well, I guess those are only the real ideas I have. I’m sure that when the day comes I will be so overwhelmed that mostly all I will do is cry.

What will I sit around thinking about after I get married? Maybe babies?

It was an honor to be there for Annie’s special day; Sarah and I sat next to each other and she shared my travel pack of kleenex with me. Annie looked absolutely beautiful, the wedding was “so Annie” and it was not too hot outside, nor was it too cold. It was a windy day, but it died down for the ceremony.

Congrats Annie and Dustin!

woo hoo!

woo hoo!

beautiful sunflowers were everywhere

beautiful sunflowers were everywhere


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