….I refuse to participate in #truthursday right now because I refuse to believe it’s Thursday. Yesterday I was watching Glee with Captain Kelley and I said “…what day is it today?” and she said “Wednesday.”

But I’d thought it was Tuesday.
So today I woke up and decided it’s Wednesday, though it’s clearly Thursday.

However, I don’t like the thought that I missed an entire Wednesday. So until tonight, I’m celebrating Wednesday, October 22nd. Around dinner, I will declare it Thursday, October 22nd. I know it might not seem like I have the power to declare what day it is.. but it’s all about mind over matter.

I’m at the Q Cafe again. Did I mention that I will be coming here every single day I am in town, because there was no joking about that… no joking at all.

Today I ate the most delicious cookie in the entire world. It’s from Little Rae’s Bakery, in Seattle. It was a Boysenberry Frosted Shortbread Cookie.. and it was so fantastic. Unfortunately, according to their website, you cannot mail order that flavor! How tragic because I loved it enough that I would have probably ordered some.

There are two main reasons I came to Seattle: One was to see The BGP, and the second… this is something I am so excited about.

On Saturday here at the Q Cafe is the One Days Wages Launch Party.

I’m going to write more about ODW after the weekend, but I urge you to visit the site, read about it,  and spread the word. Nothing stirs my heart more than everyday people wanting to make an everyday difference.

If you’re in the Seattle area, please come to the Q Cafe this Saturday, October 24th from 7 – 9:30


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