I like street cred. It’s not something that really influences my life, but I do enjoy it. And I really like collecting street cred.

The song that I have loved the most over the past… 5 or so months has done nothing to increase my street cred.

David Archuleta – Crush.

However, the song makes me freaking giddy.

Here I am, sitting in Starbucks, listening to it, and I got this big stupid grin on my face and I smiled so hard and kept my giggle in so carefully that my eyes started watering.

This is why I make no friends in public places.

That song is just so freaking catchy. That and the Miley Cyrus nodding my head like yeah song. I woke up singing Miley Cyrus in my head. Maybe I am gaining street cred, but the 12-year-old girl kind. Whatever. I’m going to watch that video one more time before I leave and wish I had it on a cd in my car.

Judge all you want, but that song is catchy.


4 thoughts on “Unashamed.

  1. If I weren’t a 22 year old male, I might also admit to liking this song…

    Something that may give this a little street cred would be that David Archuleta was in Nashville about a week about writing songs with Matt Wertz and Joy Williams.

    It surely doesn’t help my street cred by knowing that. It’s only because I stalk him… Er, I mean, follow Wertz on Twitter.


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