The House Bunny.

Awhile ago, maybe early September, I went to Starbucks. Little did I know how much my world would change because of that trip. While making small talk with the (cute) barista, we somehow started talking about movies. He asked me if I’d ever seen ‘The House Bunny.’ Of course, I hadnt. I’m not a huge movie person. So I started to casually look for it to pop up on OnDemand.

Then last night I found it!

…and it was undoubtedly one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. My favorite movie of all time is Legally Blonde, and it was almost no surprise to find out that the same people who produced Legally Blonde.

A movie is funny when it makes me laugh even if I’m watching it alone. that happened all the time in this movie.

Please watch it.

and love it.




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