Home is where… nobody wants to hang out with you.

It’s strange to me how when I am out of town, I stay pretty busy. Even though I know less people and a higher percentage of them work/go to school.. there’s always someone to hang out with or explore with.

Back home, that is not the case. It started as an annoyance but has turned into a full blown frustration at this point.

I honestly feel like I spend a lot of energy trying to get people together – whether it’s myself and someone else, or a small group outing or what have you – and it never works out.

Are people really busy all of the time? Do we schedule our lives so tightly together that the same people constantly get a “no” or is that merely an unfortunate coincidence for people like myself?

I’ve also developed a frustration with this phrase – “We should get together some time” or any cousin of it, like “wow – we should catch up!” “let’s get coffee.” If you say that to me, I WILL Facebook you within the next few days trying to find a time. And a majority of these attempts get no response.


It’s occurred to me that part of this is because when someone is always there, it’s easy to overlook. Since I am never in the Los Angeles area, it makes sense that people would carve time out to see me, because who knows when I’ll see them again (Spring! Holla!). If something makes sense, does that make it right?

Surely I am guilty of this, too. Plenty of times plans have fallen through at the last minute and I’ve just let them rest and taken months before I have reached out again. Is it laziness? Is it a genuine lack of concern for someone? Am I too caught up in my own stuff to listen to someone else’s?

Sigh. My heart hurts tonight.


5 thoughts on “Home is where… nobody wants to hang out with you.

  1. I often feel the same way. It’s hard when people say “Let’s hang out sometime,” but nothing ever comes of it. I’ve been living where I currently live for a little over 2 years now, and somedays I feel just as lonely as when I moved here. I don’t always want to be the one making the effort. While I know that people are busy with there own lives, there lack of inviting me to things (or to think of me when making plans), makes me feel as though they don’t care that much about me.

  2. Since we came back to Australia, that seems like the story of my life… Every day i miss having real friends. Ones who aren’t busy every day of the weekend, ones who i could call and know they’d be there for me. I’d gladly come hang out with you!!!

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