#truthursday on Friday.

This is a quickie. I’m currently trying to do laundry/clean a little/respond to e-mails all before I leave for the Girl Guard retreat/Revolve Tour.

Truth – I am very timid about walking through automatic doors.

I think it’s the automatic doors always open when you get close. It makes sense, but it always makes me nervous. I’d rather them open when I am about 8 feet away, so I can continue walking without having to change the speed of my stride.

It’s a big fear of mine that if I were to ever stop being so timid about it, I’d end up walking straight into a door that was broken or wasn’t actually an automatic door.

Instead, I slow down to a near stop as the automatic door approaches despite it’s “keep moving” instructions.

Surely I cannot be the only one who does this…


One thought on “#truthursday on Friday.

  1. Oh, of course you’re not the only one that slows down! I always get scared that it’s not going to see me and I’ll be stuck waving my hand in front of the door to try and get it to open. Or take a few steps back and try again, only to have it still not open. *cringe* I’d be embarrassed.

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