Why I never update, by Stephanie Orefice.

Lately I’ve been getting really frustrated, because I love to blog. However, I’ve not been blogging very much. Here are the main reasons why.

#1. I love including pictures with my blogs. Preferably ones I have taken that go along with whatever is being written about. Unfortunately I have outgrown my camera.. and as a result, have stopped taking pictures. Just in time for Emily and I to start up 365 on January 1st, so that’s good……….

#2. WordPress vs blogger. I do love WordPress. I especially love being able to see what people searched for when they stumbled upon my blog. But I hate that there is no “followers” feature; no option to see who is interested in my blog or reads it consistently. Bloggers also are easier to customize or add things to. I feel very stifled by the lack of options on the free wordpress themes. I’ve tried to use wordpress.org, but found it so confusing and wasn’t sure who could help me!

#3. Lack of anything important to say. There are blogs I want to write, about instructions after death, the socks I got yesterday, all of my music t-shirts, my new fascination with the X-Files.. but they all seem boring. The last thing I want to do is write boring, self indulgent blogs (like this one?).
This will start to change, though. After…. forever…. without a laptop, my mom decided to get me one for Christmas. For some reason people assume I am all hip on technology… but me and my ipod mini disagree. Until then I feel very in limbo.. not wanting to load pictures onto a computer I won’t be using soon, feeling very restless until I have the freedom to write sitting on my couch or toilet..

But for now, I must go. It is Festival of Lights season at the Grotto and it’s night 2. 🙂


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