Christmas cards?

At Christmas time, my mom does the strangest thing. She signs up for lists, and she exchanges addresses and she sends and receives tons of Christmas cards. Which in itself is only slightly weird (more on that in a second) but the strangest part is that she doesn’t know any of these people. She just gets random Christmas cards from random strangers.

I’ve already gotten a few text/messages/e-mails asking for my address to send me a Christmas card. and I’ve yet to respond to a single one, and here is why:

What’s the purpose of sending a Christmas card?

I rarely, if ever, receive a Christmas card with any sort of purpose. by that, I mean that usually I get a picture of some Christmas/holiday related icon, a funny caption or Bible verse, and then “Merry Christmas!” or “Happy Holidays!” with the person’s name signed at the bottom. No messages. No personal stories. nothing. Just a generic thing.

Does it really make you happy when you get a Christmas card? Not just mail, but a Christmas card? To me, it’s the equivalent of receiving those free guilt trip return address labels from charities trying to get your money. It’s a tiny bit personal, but mostly not.

So I’ll pass on the Christmas cards, but if you want to PayPal me the 44 cents you’re saving for a stamp, I’d definitely be happy. It adds up, you know.

…aren’t I just full of holiday cheer!


4 thoughts on “Christmas cards?

  1. I agree! On the same note, don’t you hate getting texts during holidays that you KNOW are mass messages? I appreciate the thought, but it’s so impersonal.

  2. I now know why you took so long to agree to give me your address. 😦

    It makes me a little sad that people don’t send messages in their cards to you!

  3. you know whats funny? I just5 got done putting a stamp on a card to you from the corps. 😀
    They already had your address hahaha

  4. I understand completely! This is the first year that we will be sending a holiday card. Ours is a combination birth announcement, and has pictures of our little bundle of joy. I do enjoy receiving Christmas cards, I think it is a way to simply say “I thought of you this holiday season!”.

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