Mocha Club Online Event!

On Tuesday, January 26th at 8 PM Central (that’s 6 PST and 9 EST) the Mocha Club is hosting a live event featuring three of my ALL TIME FAVORITE ARTISTS, Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz && Brandon Heath. It costs $1.50 (that’s .50 per artist! Cheapest tickets EVER!) and the money goes to benefit Mocha Club’s clean water projects in Africa. The project builds clean wells in Sudan.

I first signed up for the MC through Matt Wertz and have had the HONOR of working quite a few MC tables for both him and Dave Barnes.

To read more about the Mocha club, please go to: THE MOCHA CLUB. Have you noticed that on my 101 things to do in 1001 days, one of the things is to add 5 members to my Mocha Club team??? Just saying…………

And a promo video. 🙂



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