one day.

I’m not a romantic.
The thought of being in love doesn’t make me get all giddy.

But every so often, I think about how great it will be to find someone. Not to complete me, not to save me, not to love me..

but to not hurt me.

My friends are the best in the world. They are full of joy and love and depth and character. Knowing them makes me a better person. This has nothing to do with my friendships. I’m so happy in my friendships.

However, every so often a person comes along and teases my heart. They are either willing to invest a little bit, or they pretend like they’re willing to invest a lot. It just never seems to work out, and it kind of sucks. It’s not that I’ve invested a lot or that I feel really secure in the idea of that person, it just kind of makes my heart perk up a little bit and go “me? really?”

On these days, when I take my overexcited little heart and tuck it back in its bed and tuck it in very carefully, I can’t help but think about when it can really stretch and wake up.

I’m not in a state of heartbreak. My heart is growing and learning and becoming strong. and it’s waiting.

but one day. It will just be great.

One day.


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