Things I got in the mail today.

Today I decided to get the mail. It’s something I rarely do, because it’s not often that anything great comes in there. If I do get anything, it’s usually just a bank statement or a credit card application.

However, today I was greeted with a plethora of mail….

It was pretty much like Christmas as I sat there and ripped into the envelopes; one was a credit card application, one was a magazine subscription offer, but the rest………

What you are looking at is essentially a great day in a mailbox.

*$15 iTunes gift card from, a survey company I joined through American Eagle
* my Air 1 tax receipt. I don’t know why, but it made me smile. Christian radio was a big part of my dad’s spiritual journey the months after he got out of jail
* free Starbucks drink (holler, Starbucks Gold Card!)
* letter from the city of Beverly Hills saying that they will dismiss my citation from September (parking ticket) and I don’t have to pay it. YES!!!

Then I watched The Secret Life of Bees, which is even more devastating than the book. Probably because now I am seeing it and not just trying to imagine it.


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