today I got………

I finally got a new camera. Here is the history of my cameras.
In January of 2008, I went to Best Buy and bought a Kodak. It was alright.
Then in January of 2009, I bought a Sony.  I loved that guy. Until I left it in Dave and Busters in California. Bye bye camera.
So I went to Best Buy and then Target, hoping to spend my $200 birthday money towards a new camera. The one I really wanted, which was about $200… a nice Canon, was only available in pink ONLINE. So instead I got a Casio Exilim at Target, because it was pink.
Yeah, except a week later I went on a walk around camp and dropped it and then it just kinda got more and more beat up and I just became more and more unhappy with the quality of the pictures.

So finally… after years of wanting and waiting, I got a Canon.

I’m pretty excited.

Oh and I haven’t yet written about my bathroom.

Expect an entire post dedicated to my bathroom.
love love love.


3 thoughts on “today I got………

  1. yay yay yay!! Canons are amazing. Welcome to the club!
    also, i went camera shopping with my mom and she picked out the one that you got! hooray!

    can’t wait to see the pics you’ll take with this beauty!

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