The most beautiful rooms in the world….

I found this site with these amazing rooms… and look at these pink rooms. my heart is all a flutter and I want to live in all of them!

That reminds me of the line in Legally Blonde the Musical when Emmett goes to Elle’s dorm and he goes “…Hellllooooo kitty.” haha.

The layout of that room! AND THE BED! Man.

I always hated in American Girl when they’d show ways to decorate your room and the rooms were always ridiculously large or really small but really quirky. what about people like me that lived in a square room with inconvenient windows and closets?

Let me just say that I have never decided on that whole… whatever that thing over the bed is called. I am not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, I think it would feel so cozy… LIKE A TENT… sleeping in one of those. But on the other hand it seems kinda lame.

On the right wall there are all of those empty picture frames… the other day at The Salvation Army I saw an empty picture frame and thought of getting it, painting it pink, and hanging it in my bathroom. Then I decided not to.

A little more pink, a little less of that coral color and this would be my fave…. except what’s with that giant picture? CREEPY.

yes please! but with a slightly bigger bed, and no barbie. I have grown up a little.

this kind of looks like a dorm room to me, but with a little tiny table. I hope that’s not the bed by the window. That looks so unwelcoming.

YES PLEASE! I would take it just like that… purple and all. I always say people who love pink have a fond appreciation for other beautiful colors… namely a lovely purple. Though obviously I’d take it if it came in pink more.

All of these rooms have beautiful floors and a lot of natural light… two things that I wish I had. Oh, and toilet paper in my bathroom.. I’d like to have that, too. Oh well. Enjoy that site. It’s fun.


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