Two movies.

Remember my 101 in 1001 things? Of course you do, it was the last post I made in this blog. One of the things is to watch and blog about 45 movies I’ve never seen. Well guess what. Get ready, because I watched two movies I’d never seen.

Firrrrrrrrssssssssssst. Graham and I watched Chocolat. We recently saw Alice in Wonderland and were talking about how great Johnny Depp is so we decided to watch a movie with Johnny Depp in it.

At first I didn’t think I’d like this movie. Usually I only watch movies that I think I’d like, which means I only watch scary movies or stupid romantic comedies. Decided to give this one a chance…. and it was good.  Even though I fell asleep for like two seconds, after I woke up I watched the entire thing. At one point, Emily and I had this conversation..

Me: Emily! Isn’t Johnny Depp cute??
Emily: YEAH! Except he’s not really cute… he’s SEXY!
Me: …things I never want to hear you say again!

Second. And this is a big one.

I caved. and I’m only SLIGHTLY ashamed. Birksfam bought New Moon, and we watched it last night. Emily made me agree that if I watched it, I couldn’t complain about it or make rude/snarky comments. I agreed, and though no rude comments came out of my mouth, I did ask a lot of clarifying questions and made a clarifying statement…. “I don’t think that Edward is that attractive… is it just me?” Taylor Lautner, however. Is incredibly attractive. At one point, Lauren who is the cutest 12-year-old I know, said “his body is so… shiny.” and that was the movie’s “…things I never want to hear you say again” moment.

Aside from the fact that the whole thing is entirely ridiculous and the movie was pretty boring, it wasn’t as bad/stupid/cheesy as I’d originally expected it. I didn’t love it, I won’t be rushing out to read the books………. but I didn’t hate it.

Except, that Bella girl is so boring. It’s so weird to me to watch movies where girls are just so lifeless and devoid of a personality, and to see boys fall all over themselves for them. Is that what life is like? My life doesn’t feel like that.. most of the boys I know go for girls with really beautiful personalities and a lot of depth. But oh well… most boys I know aren’t vampires or werewolves… well, that I know of.

Movies. 2/45. yes.


3 thoughts on “Two movies.

  1. I think you evaluation of New Moon is spot on.
    I saw it in theaters with my sister, Lydia, who had never read any of the books. She brought a fresh perspective of how silly some of it was. I would have loved to hear some of your statements as they most surly would have made me laugh and or smile.

  2. I saw the first Twilight movie and hated every second of it. This came as a surprise to me because, I admit shamefully, I devoured the books. I couldn’t put them down! I didn’t even bother to see the second movie because the first was so bad. I also hate how BORING Bella is in them. She talks and moves so slowly. Blah. I HOPE that’s not when men are really looking for.

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