#truthursday – I hate tomato sauce.

I really hate tomato sauce. It is just nasty and gross to me. On pizza, in spaghetti, lasagna, pastas…. it is absolutely disgusting.

This proves to be incredibly difficult when people I’m with have a craving for Italian. Sure, there are plenty of alfredo-based sauces, but I tend to say “I’d prefer not to get Italian food” because really just having it near me makes me a little angry.

I’m not really sure where this disdain began; perhaps it was when, as a child, I longed to be so much like Harriet the Spy but realized I didn’t like tomato and mayo sandwiches. Only beyond that moment have I recognized a hatred towards tomato things. I’d also like to add that poor ketchup isn’t really a fave in my book at all.

ps I spent like two hours trying to figure out my Blogger layout, the sidebar keeps appearing at the bottom of the page. My head hurts and I’m ready to cry and throw the computer against the wall. but I definitely wanted to #truthursday it up today.


One thought on “#truthursday – I hate tomato sauce.

  1. ME TOO!!! I’m sick of seeing every recipe I would enjoy doing if it weren’t for the friggin’ tomato – sauce – puree – paste URGH ! Sick of it!

    Are there any decent stews out there that don’t include this gross muck. 🙂

    Hope your computer survived!

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