I’m not dead!!!

It’s so hard to blog for some reason. My brain is just everywhere and I’m so easily distracted. Also, I spent a long time wishing I had a blogger blog. Then I got one. Now I can’t get my sidebars to work. Anger. Rage. So. I think I will move my 365 here. Keep it all consolidated. That said…. the last update I made was picture #100!!! Here’s where that left off….

101/365 - dave and a lizard.

Spent some time with Dave. We got breakfast and went for a walk and he played me some of his new music. It was a great morning. Dave is such a  talented person, and sometimes I stop and go…. oh wait, I know that guy. How lucky am I, to have such gifted friends!

102/365 - throw caution to the wind....

Really, this picture was supposed to be a lot more awesome. There was this caution sign ribbon that was caught in the wind, and I was reminded of the phrase “throw caution to the wind.” but whenever I went to take a picture of it, it would fall on the ground. This little tiny end of it was always caught in the wind, so I decided to take a picture of it and hoped everyone appreciated my intentions.

103/365 - brand new.

As I was driving, I was casually cleaning out my car. I reached down by the drivers side seat, and discovered two brand new, unopened CDs of two artists I really really love. It was like Christmas.

104/365 - happy birthday, sha! =)

Bible Study. Surprise birthday party for Shalini. Fun times, great friends.

105/365 - pasadena.

Hannah paid a few visits to people, so I accompanied her. There was something so inviting about the streets. I loved them and wanted to hug them and kiss them and keep them forever. but I didn’t/couldn’t… so I just took this picture instead.

106/365 - aaron.

My friend Aaron came to church on Sunday, and we spent the day together afterwards. and I decided that Aaron might be one of my favorite people in the whole entire world, and he just keeps getting better. I am glad he is down here and so am I right now.

107/ 365 - naptime.

Aleen came home from work and I guess she was really tired or something because she walked in the door, fell to her knees and was about to fall on the ground when Hannah shoved a pillow under her head. She didn’t even shut the door! After a two minute nap, Aleen felt rejuvenated. True story. It was epic.

108/365 - shorty mcshorty.

We went to… some italian place. I don’t remember what it was called. There were these two people who looked like they were on a date but they were super awkward and their body language was weird. This is Aleen and Stephen. Stephen’s portion of the booth was definitely broken. so he got to be short. it was funny.

109/365 - baby.

A few years ago, my friend became a dad! and I have seen his little one in pictures.. and finally got to meet him. It was really great.. just getting to spend time. yes. I was very happy. =)

110/365 - rearranging.

Rachel and Becky decided to rearrange the furniture in the living room. this was one of the unsuccessful setups. However, the finished project is AMAZING. It’s beautiful and encourages conversation and is not at all feng shui, but that is totally fine.


There’s a lot more to write, but I told Emily today that I’d update this. So I will write more sooner. I said sooner as opposed to later, because I really need to get better at writing.


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