California (knows how to party!)

111/365 - coffee.

Got coffee with my friend Jon-Marc. He is such an amazing person, and it was like spending three hours in eternity, if that even makes sense. It was cool.

112/365 - candle through the water.

That is a picture of a candle through a glass of water. Love it.

113/365 - long beach.

I took a little journey back to Long Beach and attended church at the Long Beach corps, where I got to see some friends.

114/365 - writing

Laura teaches piano lessons, so I went with her and got serious about writing. I was determined to be serious about writing, but now I’ve grown tired of that thing I was writing. Sigh.

115/365 - journaling. kinda like writing.

Not going to lie, this was a… “crap, I almost forgot to take a picture!” picture. Most of my pictures suck, because I just try to take pictures… I don’t try to make them anything interesting. boo. I’m trying to get through that journal. It’s small and doesn’t have a lot of pages, so I’m determined to finish it before I go home. I have another journal in my trunk that I’d love to start. It’s pink and bigger and I love it.

116/365 - what the.....

Jordan’s comment on this picture via Facebook, and we’ll leave it at that: “It looks like im taking off my pants in an effort to get changed and you two are watching without my knowledge and thoroughly enjoying it”

117/365 - lunch with aleen.

When I go to work with Aleen, I get to have lunch with Aleen at Starbucks. She asked me to put her order in and stuff so it as ready when she got there. And this is what it looked like when I was waiting for Aleen to get there. =)

Ahhh, California. I love you. You are good to me. and your residents.


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