#truthursday – I pick my nose.

This seems like a pretty self-explanatory secret to share, but I feel the need to defend myself and explain.

Yes, I pick my nose.
Yes, I pick my nose fairly regularly.

However, I do not sit around with my finger up my nose, feeling around for treasure to pull out. Every so often – probably  at least once a day – I feel like there is a lot of stuff stuck in my nose, and so I will carefully pick out whatever is in there and dispose of it.

I’m not too ashamed of this, because I don’t think I am doing anything wrong.. it’s not like I collect the boogers in a plastic bag or put them in my mouth. Nor do I wipe them on other people.

So there it is.

I pick my nose frequently. That’s right, I owned it.

and for the record, my method is less pointer finger straight up, and more like the girl in the picture with the thumb. Just saying.


3 thoughts on “#truthursday – I pick my nose.

  1. I hope you do it while you’re driving, because that will pull me right out of a bad mood and into LOL ’cause it’s extremely funny to me when I catch someone at it.

    I think probably EVERYONE gets rid of their boogers… but, like my bowel movements and/or gas, I don’t feel the need to share! :O

  2. Hysterical! I love that you made this a post.
    I think everyone does. It is kinda like routines of the day. Clean your ears, brush your teeth, comb hair and make sure all boogers are out of your nose. 🙂

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