Twenty Five.

Today I turned twenty five. I’v been alive for roughly

9,131 days
219,144 hours
13,148,640 minutes
788,918,400 seconds

I know I have a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days – I am slowly working on it, not doing too great on blogging about it, but I decided that I would like to make a list of 26 things to do before I turn 26, some drawn from my 101 and others that aren’t. 101 things to do is not only hard for me to remember, but somewhat daunting.

So I present you, 26 things to do before I turn 26.

#1. Take a picture of 26 things that make me happy.
#2. Send 26 letters
#3. Read the entire Bible
#4. Wreck my journal
#5. Hike to the top of Multnomah Falls
#6. Spend an entire day exploring a town I’ve never been to.. picture taking, restaurant trying and an overnight stay involved.
#7. compile my magazine cutouts into binders
#8. Get rid of my excess clothing.
#9. Learn how to ride a bike.
#10. Go camping
#11. Make 26 things.
#12. Organize my pictures.
#13. Finish my inspiration book.
#14.  Import all of my CDs to iTunes
#15. Have 26 conversations.
#16. Memorize the book of Philippians
#17. Unspoken 26 😉
#18. Get bangs.
#19. Spend a day with Bramwell and Elias.
#20. Send 5 letters to Yves.
#21. Use up 6 lotion/body sprays/etc.
#22. Read 26 books.
#23. Eat a tomato.
#24. Visit one new state.
#25.  put an additional $260 in my savings account.
#26. Make a 27 before 27 list. 🙂

Also. I feel very blessed by the 134 Happy Birthday messages I received on Facebook. They warmed my heart, and I feel very very blessed.


3 thoughts on “Twenty Five.

  1. Holla! You can send a letter to me telling me that you’re going to come visit my town, which you have never been to. While here you can try restaurants, take pictures, AND have a conversation with me. Since you want to stay overnight we can go CAMPING. You can take a picture of me because I’ll be funny and that will make you happy. I can teach you how to ride a bike AND we can eat a tomato. Boom. That’s 7 things accomplished.

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