44/101 – Wear pink every day for a month.

One of my 101 things to do in 1001 days is to wear pink for an entire month. Yesterday I realized that it was the last day of May, and I could start today! It is also wear a dress day, which I have every intention of doing once I get out of pajamas. For now, I am enjoying my pink sweatshirt and my comfy (but not exactly cozy) pants.

I’ve also decided that wearing pink flip flops will not count as “wearing pink.” Things like a pink bow in my hair can count, but not pink flip flops… only because I’m trying to break the habit of wearing pink flip flops with everything. I am working on matching a little bit better.

Today I will finish cleaning my room. I started yesterday but was unable to finish. At least my desk/bookshelf area. If I can do that much, and not just rearranging the mess, mind you, I will be a happy person.

But to also put a little more of a dent on my 101 in 1001

#3. Make a scrapbook
I purchased a scrapbook the other day and made a few pages. Pictures will come. They’re nothing spectacular, but neither am I.

#6. 30 #truthursdays.
I’ve done five. That is 1/6th of my goal. and I have another one written, waiting for tomorrow to be posted. Look at that.

#7. Send 10 letters to Yves
Yves is my World Vision kid that I sponsor. Yesterday I FINALLY wrote him a letter. In it are a few postcards from various places and a printed out map of the US with the postcard cities highlighted. Tomorrow it goes in the mail, and I am so excited. 9 left. 🙂

#16. Use up 15 body sprays/lotions
Well, I have used up one. It’s a travel sized one. but a lot of them are the small kind. I’ve also begun using lotion more frequently and have noticed this 18 oz bottle of Suave Sweet Pea and Violet lotion is over halfway gone. I’ve had it for like two years. This is the problem. I just buy them because I like how they smell, but rarely use them for fear of running out.

#32. Write down one thing I am thankful for every day for a month.
I JUST decided that since I will be documenting my pink for the month, I might as well do this one hand-in-hand. It only says write it down, but I think I will eventually blog some of them. Maybe even take pictures of the things that make me happy, partially fulfilling #1 (if the things I am thankful for make me happy; and I am guessing most of them will)

#64. Acquire and read 20 Madeleine L’Engle books.
Since the time I started my 101, I have collected three new Madeleine L’Engle books; An Acceptable Time, Ladders of Angels, and Sold into Egypt. I’ve not read any of them. That will come next. 🙂

#95. Save all my change for 1001 days.
Didn’t happen. Trying to think of a new goal in the same spirit of change-saving.

…now I just need to update the list. But first I am going to start cleaning my room.


6 thoughts on “44/101 – Wear pink every day for a month.

  1. i totally need to do #16 too. i do the same thing! Not to mention that lotion is like the ‘She’s a Girl’ fallback birthday/Christmas gift!

  2. Where does your World Vision child live? I sponsor a 5 year old girl Olga, she’s in Guatemala. I bought her some stickers once and it took me a month to mail them. I think I suck at it.

  3. @Megan – that’s why I think I have so many. Especially when people give you entire gift sets.. I once got like 6 little mini VS body sprays from my boss for Christmas. TWO YEARS AGO. I have only just now used up one. haha. Do it! Get rid of them!!

    @Em – hope your attempt is going way better than mine. haha.

    @Brittany – Mine lives in the Philippines. How long have you sponsored yours for? I’d love to know all about it!! I’ve only been sponsoring Yves since November.

  4. I’ve only been sponsoring Olga since February. I used to sponsor a little boy from Brazil. Then my mom made me stop (I was in college and she didn’t like that she was paying for my books and I was “giving money away.”) I was really upset. He sent me cute letters with the help of his mom. Once he sent me an outline of his hand that he drew himself.

    Now that I’ve graduated I decided it was time for me to start again. I include it as part of my tithe. I haven’t heard back from Olga, but they did say it can take a few months. Have you tried emailing him? I sent her one but it seemed so impersonal that I don’t want to do it again.

  5. Oh! Yeah.. I didn’t get my first letter from Yves’s family until March, and I started sponsoring him in November. A lot of it is the process it has to go through, I think.

    Was the little boy you sponsored through WV?

    I did just send an e-mail.. it was basically an e-mail telling him that I sent him a letter, haha. I wonder if they’ll actually give it to him or not, but oh well. it made me feel a LITTLE better.

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