Why I am giving up Facebook for the summer, by Stephanie Orefice.

Interestingly enough, this blog was first started shortly after I’d decided to give up Facebook for Lent. I love the Lenten season; it is a time of sacrifice and focus and growth. This year as I looked at the span of Lent, I realized that for most of it I would be travelling through California. The two things I had considered giving up were coffee and Facebook, and neither of these seemed conducive to travelling. So Lent was empty for me. At the beginning of it, I tried reading the Bible through the Lenten season, but it took me a solid three months to get through the book of Leviticus.

My decision to give up FB for the summer first started out as a simple thought. The next thing I knew, I was sending a letter to about fifteen people I know outlining ways for them to stay in touch with me over the summer since I would be giving up Facebook. I figured that if I sent the letter, it meant that it was happening.

Today is my last day with Facebook. Tomorrow is a new day, the day that I see as the beginning of my summer (though I technically will not be working at camp until Sunday). I will continue to update my blog, and I know that it posts to my Facebook page automatically (which I do not see as cheating) so I will not be completely gone from communication.

Whenever I’m at Camp Redwood Glen, I tend to not pay attention to my phone. There’s nobody else in the world that I can think of when I am surrounded by Birks and Coverts (and Helms when they are there). That is how I view the summer. Camp will have enough for me to spend my time concerned with, and I’d rather spend my free time with less distractions. Plus, I’ve started to like reading a lot again.

My e-mail address is stephanieorefice@gmail.com and I love e-mails. If you want to send me your address or ask for mine via e-mail, do it. We can become tangible pen pals. Be not a stranger.


4 thoughts on “Why I am giving up Facebook for the summer, by Stephanie Orefice.

  1. I keep wanting to give up Facebook. I just know that it is the only way that some people can get a hold of me. You are giving me hope that it is the best idea. I hate being a slave to checking it. Blah.
    Have a great summer!

  2. do it!!! I’m not gonna lie; I’ve signed into facebook twice since I said I was giving it up, but only because I had asked a few people to give me their addresses. I have a bunch of notifications and I am resisting the urge to check them. So I feel slightly okay.

    What do you think about responding to messages on FB but not engaging in other things? are FB messages the equivalent of e-mail if you don’t do anything else?

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