Wednesday, Week #2.

It is the Wednesday of the 2ndweek of camp, though I hope the title of this post made that obvious.

Last week was a bit of a roller coaster for me in a variety of ways.. emotionally and scheduley. I’m slowly starting to become a stable human being and understand how I fit into things better.

This is my time to take a shower. So I will make this quick. During cabin quiet time today, I stayed with a cabin of 5 awesome girls. We made up a skit incorporating nonsense camp songs. Then they all got in their bunks and pretended to be asleep. We had Sara and Emily fooled for a good amount of time, and then we shared a nice laugh.

Last night, I helped a cabin get to sleep by telling them a ridiculous story. It’s worthy writing down later when I have more time, but it involves:

Peasant-turned-Princess Petunia
her unicorn named Uncle (who tinkles glitter and rainbows)
Clementine the chubby cook with the biggest butt you’ve ever seen
Queen Quintala who is 7 feet tall and mean and has forbidden everyone to laugh.

I was trying to get the campers to sleep but we did a lot of giggling. So that was a bit counterproductive. It was a lot of fun, though 🙂

Tonight at dinner, we are singing grace to the tune of Justin Bieber’s “Baby” and to say I’m excited is the understatement of the century. I’ve been planning this for about a week now, but a week in camp time is an eternity in “real world” time.

Keep praying for us. People are starting to get sick. Illness, injury and disunity are 3 battles we face every summer without fail.

But really, I haven’t showered in too long. Stay classy.


One thought on “Wednesday, Week #2.

  1. Camp would have to be some of the best moments of my life. I hope everything goes well.
    I always lost my voice as a counselor. Hope it doesn’t happen to you.

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