Today I was sitting on the birdwatching deck with Emily during our break, and I found a letter I’d received in the mail and had been saying it took me two weeks to respond to.. only to realize that it’s only been one week and two days since it came in the mail. Time is ridiculous at camp. It speeds by and crawls all at once. This is the end of our FOURTH camp. How did this come to happen? I feel like we just got here yesterday!

On my break days I’m too busy breaking to do any massive picture sharing, but I do have a few uploaded and sitting in my media library on WordPress, so I’ll share those with you. I’ve also just been slacking at picture taking lately, although yesterday during my morning break I did take some nice pictures of flowers…… 🙂

Week 1; Silver 2. I was a counselor for the first week, and one of the girls had this idea for a picture. They were the best cabin... in the world. :)Taylor, Emily & I had a little sleepover on a break day. We had fun with self-timers.

Emily and I like to do Egg Me, Baby together. on this day, we wore the same outfit.. totally embarrassing (and only slightly planned...) both of the eggs were hardboiled. Anticlimatic!

During orientation, we made shields expressing the 6 core values of camp. I drew a picture of our camp director in the middle of ours.

Mitchell, our fearless Program Director, giving direction. as seen by a bug?

One day we went to the pool, a long time ago. During orientation, even. Christopher fed Echo some chips. and Echo wanted more.

I love it here, I never want to leave.


One thought on “Greetings!

  1. You and Austin both. 🙂 After he returned he said, “I want to live there” 🙂 I think that’s the sentiment of everyone who goes to camp. Heaven.. but with bodies. Miss your musings, praying summer is wonderful, friend.

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