Day 2 – Your vices.

Day 1 – Your best friend (Emily)

Day 2 — Your vices

So I looked up “vices” on because though I have heard the word used, I wanted to make sure I completely understood it. It would have been embarrassing if I’d created a list with the wrong criteria. The definitions that said “immoral or evil habit or practice” or things like that didn’t really apply to me. Aside from the fact that I am a sinner and constantly fall into evil. haha. Instead, I went more along the “Bad habit” route. So here are my bad habits. and things I love more than I should.

#1. Starbucks.
See how I made it the biggest one, right in the center? Let’s just use simple math to explain this one. The Starbucks Gold Card gives you one star for every drink you buy. After 15 stars, they send you a free drink coupon. Since I got my gold card in December, I have earned 8 free drinks. This does not include times when I didn’t have my gold card. You do the math.

#2. Justin Bieber – Baby.
Not Justin Bieber himself, but the song. I love this song more than anybody should ever love a song. The slightly ironic part of that? I don’t even have the song in my iTunes. God bless YouTube!

#3. Frosted Mini Wheats.
Let’s just say that I stay regular. Once I ate half a box of them in one day. That was also the day that I had a box in my car and a box in my room. Now I put them in little ziplock bags. Self-control.

#4. MTV
Mostly their reality shows, which is even more awful for me. 45 minutes of people getting drunk, having sex and yelling at each other? Awful!(ly addicting!)

#5. Road trips.
slash travel.
Road trips and travel in and of itself are not bad, but I have been blessed to have a lot of friends all over the place and have this crazy desire to not rest until I have spent time with all of them. I literally cannot imagine myself “settling down” somewhere until I have traveled America and spent a substantial amount of time in various places. To the point where it may or may not hinder me making solid, permanent life decisions.

#6. Victoria’s Secret Pink
In general, I think sweat pants or pajamas worn in public are fairly trashy. A few girls can pull them off and look cute. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones you spend twenty five minutes trying to look like but they just rolled out of bed. You know. Anyway. Despite my feelings towards this, I have a very big place in my heart for sweat pants with the word PINK on them. Even if they are blue. They are not cheap, though. They’re $25-$60 (sometimes more) a pair. I only buy them twice a year; semi-annual sale. But I have many colors, many styles.. perhaps too many, seeing as how I never wear them in public and have stopped wearing sweatpants to bed.

#7. Nailbiting
My worst one. I’m working on it, and I’ve gotten substantially better. But for my entire life, I’ve been a chronic nailbiter to the point of having bloody nails that hurt to touch anything. Once they bled all over the piano when I was practicing for solo night. It was really epic, but incredibly painful.

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