#truthursday – I am tired of being temporary.

At the end of last summer, I knew what the Lord was asking me to do; to not seek out employment, but to rely on him and go where he sent me. Between September and May of last year, I spent a total of 17.5 (or 4 months) in California (3 separate trips) and a week in Missouri. Which means I spent a lot of time in beds, on couches, and on floors that were not mine. But I’d come home in the middle and spent almost as much time being a visitor away from home as I spent being a visitor at home.
There’s a quote in one of Madeleine L’Engle’s books that I love (shocking, I know!).

“It is only when we are fully rooted that we are really able to move.”

I long to be fully rooted. Even as I prepare to move to California, I know there’s a good possibility that I will not be moving closer to being fully rooted.

The Lord has done a beautiful thing in creating me, because he made me with the capacity to be temporary and wandery and okay with trusting in Him to provide manna every day, but my gosh do I long to be fully rooted so I can really move.

Tonights post brought to you by fear and an aversion to goodbyes.


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