OK, so here’s the problem. We cannot find my product code for my copy of Microsoft Word. My mom very thoroughly went through the computer room, the downstairs pantry, and now her closet (??). This has resulted in a giant cleaning mood and she is trying to get it to rub off on me. Since March, I have been home for maybe four weeks, both times in a state of unpacking/repacking quickly. That is where the problem begins. This is what I am working with.

the view from the moment you walk in... if you are a bird kind of in the air a little bit.

there is a desk there somewhere.

the foot of my bed, hypothetically.

So to recap:

The problem.
I have a lot of stuff. Every time I’ve been in my room for the past 6 months, Hurricane Stephanie has frantically tried to collect the necessary items stored somewhere under piles, in drawers and under the bed. This has resulted in an awful aftermath that needs to be cleaned and packed in a week.

The plan.
#1. Go to Starbucks. It’s motivation in a cup.
#2. Clean.
#2a. Accumulate things I do not need, but instead of keeping them.. get rid of them.
#2b. Hopefully find and register Microsoft Office!!
#3. Make a list of things to take.
#4. Pack.
#5. Enjoy at least one calm sleep in a settled room.

The progress.
Well… I’m off to Starbucks. More later.


One thought on “Problem.

  1. I hope that process works out well! I recently messed my computer up while trying to play with ubuntu, and I’ll have to take it to the tech department when I get back to school. Yuck. At least I have a netbook too!

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