Day 7 – My job.

Day 1 — Your best friend (Emily)
Day 2 — Your vices (Starbucks, etc)
Day 3 — Your parents (Linda & Jerry)
Day 4 — Your siblings (Emily, Graham & Lauren)
Day 5 – Your Dreams (Sing us a song…)
Day 6 — Someone that inspires you (Ernie Halter)

Day 7 — Your job

My job. Insert sarcastic awesome right here, because I do not have a job right now. Insert a bit more enthusiastic awesome right here, because I get the chance to show you what it looks like to wait for a miracle.

Nothing Places

That is a picture of nothing, because I cannot share a picture of a job I do not have. However, if you look closely, in the middle of nothing you might spot a something.

At the end of last summer, God gave me very clear instructions to not pursue a job but to be prepared to go where he sent me. I was a bit skeptic at first, since a job = $$$ and $$$ = travel, but the Lord quickly schooled me and reminded me that He’s beyond our limited human resources. As I wrote about last Thursday, I spent much of the last year away from home.

He’s given me the context to prove my faith again. He’s taking me to southern California, and not just to sleep on someone’s couch, but to have my own corner of a room with Aleen and to leave my shampoo in the shower and most importantly, to bring my pink plates. It all happened quickly. I’d just checked out for break day at camp and was talking to Hannah on the phone. She asked if I would move in with them, and I said yes immediately. I’d been praying about it for awhile, and was confident in the Lord’s guidance. Hannah asked if I’d like a few more days to pray about it and I reported that if the Lord hadn’t shut it down at that point, I didn’t think he was going to. I then fell on the grass, kind of overwhelmed by all of it and freaked out for a moment.

In two weeks for today, I will spend my first full day in socal. I will have presented them with my share of September’s rent, and that’s when the faith will kick in, because I will then trust the Lord to provide. I have e-mailed more people in the past month than I ever have, and this morning I woke up to a reminder of God’s faithfulness. I took a moment to pray and expressed my gratitude that I can come to the Lord expecting a miracle – if I have put myself in the position for a miracle (and I have).

Over the past few days I’ve been wanting to encourage people to watch for the Lord to work in my life, because he’s guided me to a place where He will deliver. Today provides me the perfect opportunity. So I encourage you to watch for the Lord to work in my life. 🙂 Like that picture, my job is a big wall of nothing but the Lord is my Something in the midst of it. and the Lord is super famous for making a lot of something out of a bunch of nothing, so I’m in good hands.

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4 thoughts on “Day 7 – My job.

  1. So awesome! I think this is going to be about the coolest experience ever for you! I’m super pumped that you are trusting God completely and going out on a limb!

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