You owe me a dollar.

The other evening while Hannah, Aleen and I were sitting around in the living room I started looking up name meanings. One of the website offered helpful nicknames where I discovered that somewhere, in some strange land, people use Peffi as a nickname for the name Stephanie. I shared this with them and they laughed and said they would start calling me Peffi. To which I quickly shot back, “you owe me a dollar every time you call me Peffi.”

Without missing a beat, Aleen pointed at me and said that I owed her a dollar every time a “ha!” came out of my mouth. You know, as in laughing. One of my favorite things to do. So we began to compile a list of things that warranted a dollar paid, targeting the things we do the most frequently and enjoy the most. Kind of cruel, but it was funny. Plus I’m definitely not actually giving anyone a dollar for anything. Except today when I gave Hannah a dollar to help with parking. That’s different, though.

So. What do you think your thing would be? Some examples: every time you apologize unnecessarily, every time you say the word “okay,” every time you bust out in song.. and so on and so forth.

Also, I finished the entire Hunger Games series. Who else has, so we can geek out about it?


3 thoughts on “You owe me a dollar.

  1. Mine would be making references to camp. I do that WAY too much.

    And I finished Catching Fire today! I’m trying to watch a movie to take a small break before I start Mockingjay. I’ll be ready to geek out within the week!

  2. Hunger Games was good. I just finished Mockingjay last week. I promptly lent the book to a friend so I could talk to him about it. The boyfriend read the series a book ahead of me.
    It was good.

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