if girl + boy + X = <3, what is X?

Today I decided to sit down and write a detailed plan of action (in list form!) about how to get a (very specific) boy to fall in love with me. Partially because I currently have nothing to do with my days except try to find a job (this new task will probably bear the same lack-of results) and partially because I figure it can’t hurt, right?

As I was thinking about this plan, I realized that I must first identify what is missing from the current (un)relationship between myself and the boy in question. We will call this boy CG. That should answer if you know who the boy in question is or not. So anyway. I began to draw a picture of what the X could equal, the thing that needs to be added to me + CG in order to = ❤ .

That’s what I came up with before Rachel convinced me to come home, and then Ashley came over and I ate.. SPAGHETTI.. with them.

X COULD = a song by me to CG*
X COULD = me praying about CG**
X COULD = a prophetic vision for CG

*I already started to write one. It goes like this:

I’m sitting here thinking about you
wondering if you’re thinking about me
I hope to sing this song for you
even though I think you might hate it
but that’s alright

and you won’t even know this song is about you
and I won’t put emotions in the words
cuz if you knew this song is about you
you’d think I like you, and that would be absurd
but kind of true

You’re welcome. You know me, always trying to change the world through my music…… 😉

**I do pray about CG. sigh.

So I am compiling a list of X before I make my detailed plan of attack uh.. action. Here are the things I think X could be:

-at the suggesting of Aleen… FOOD.
-a Stephanie Orefice original piece of artwork. Maybe a crayon drawing or something
-phone conversations
-knowing CG’s middle name
-sending a letter to CG
-CG initiating communication with me at least once
-a CG original piece of artwork received by me.
-fifteen winking emoticons, sent in any sort of way.
-CG finding out that even though his initials are not CG, he is CG.

That’s about all that I can think X could equal right now. Any thoughts/opinions/helpful tips? Be as crazy as you want. My detailed plan will probably never actually come to life, but it might help me sleep better.

Also (and this is funny in light of my most recent post about everyone thinking everyone cares about everything they do) it occurred to me that perhaps CG might stumble upon this blog and be like “dang, Stephanie is in love with someone else” and then my plan will be useless anyway because he will be heartbroken and by the time he finds out that he is CG, it will be too late. But I don’t worry about that too much. If me and CG are meant to b, then X will figure itself out.

Until then, help me with my equation.

(this post is 60% joking and sadly 40% “I pretend I’m joking but maybe I think a plan might help a little bit…”)


8 thoughts on “if girl + boy + X = <3, what is X?

  1. Concocting a plan to induce sympathy on his part could work! Maybe a few boughts of pneumonia, or fainting fits… but those never really work… maybe you could throw yourself in front of a bus, right near him, and he could save you, prompting manly-protective feelings from him! hahaha

  2. my biggest question is why on EARTH did you eat spaghetti???

    Also – bake those cookies and you’ll get instant results.

  3. When I talk to boys, they run away. When I ignore them (these are usually boys I have zero interest in), they flock. See if he comes and talks to you instead of you chasing him down.

    or you could make out with his best friend…just sayin. and kidding. k.

  4. I found your blog through your comment on mine and I LOVE it! I was cracking up through this whole post (mostly because I think all girls are like this!)

  5. Just found your blog and I love it already. Growing up we were always told to pray for our future spouses and I just think that’s such a neat thing. And I’m glad you had spaghetti…that always solves everything!

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