should’ve seen that sunrise.

OK, so the lyric is about seeing the sunrise, but I’m never awake for that. I’m always awake for the sunset, though. The sky amazes me, maybe because it just sits there all of the time with no real purpose (I mean, it has its purpose in terms of us needing it and stuff, but it’s just this invisible thing that somehow has color and beauty).

I think of the sky as a canvas, one that God paints on every single day. Some days it’s just a beautiful blue color, in the northwest it is gray a lot.. and the sunsets are just his final painting before the stars come out. When there is a particularly beautiful sunset or cloud pattern in the sky, I always think “God is just showing off!!” and wonder how many other people are mesmerized by the sky; is he doing it for all of us, or was he thinking of me, knowing that I will appreciate it?

Anyway. The skies in California are beautiful sometimes, and I have been trying to take pictures of them so I can always remember God’s extravagant creativity and desire to bless me and romance me and keep me forever.


One thought on “should’ve seen that sunrise.

  1. Stephanie! Your post is speaking to me right now in so many ways. When I first began thinking about God again after years of ignoring Him, do you know what got my attention? The beauty of this world. I suddenly thought to myself: how can I deny His presence in the midst of this amazing natural world we have been blessed to be part of? Just like that all of these questions began filling my heart, and I simply couldn’t ignore Him any longer. The world is an amazing gift that we have been blessed to be a part of!

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