#truthursday – I like the travel more than the arrival.

This has been my week:

Monday: Covina to Bakersfield, where I stayed with the Helms family.

Tuesday: Bakersfield to Scotts Valley, where I stayed with the Coverts.

Of course, I got lost. I stopped to try and figure out where I was and what way to go.
I chose to continue going in the direction I had been headed, which was left.
It worked out well.

The Covert family took me to dinner. Seafood. My favorite.
On the Pier in Santa Cruz. It was great. Claire said some funny stuff.
Like when she asked if what we were looking at was the sun or the moon. at 5:20 pm.

Yesterday: dropped the Covert girls off at school in Scotts Valley, picked the Birks kids up from school in Pacifica.

Emily and I went for a walk.

I want a pair of TOMS so badly.

After much convincing, Emily and I tackled a project together. We made collages in each others journals. I looked over, and this is what she hand in her hands for my journal. Uh, thanks.

Anyway, back to my #truthursday.

I like the travel more than the arrival.

As I drove up I-5 on Tuesday, the thought crossed my mind that I am the happiest when I am traveling from point A to point B. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy  arriving. Finally pulling in to the correct driveway is a feeling that cannot be matched.

But I love the adventure of the inbetween. I love stopping at random places, seeing random things, feeling like I am on a great adventure that nobody will ever get to experience ever again. The more and more I drive up and down California, the more familiar the freeways and exits become to me, the more I want to drive out of this state and move on to conquer another part of America. I want to go on more freeways I’ve never been on, stop at diners I’ve never been to, drink coffee from random coffee shops.. oh man, the adventures that lie outside of the west coast must be amazing.

In conclusion, as much as I do love getting to places, I love going places even more. If only I could figure out a way to go places for a living. Any creative suggestions?? 🙂


7 thoughts on “#truthursday – I like the travel more than the arrival.

  1. be one of those food tasting people on t.v…..but you would have to try tomatoes and mushrooms!!!!! hahahah 🙂 hehe. miss you

    OR just join some sort of musical group that tours a lot, be like a PR person

  2. Truck driver

    Train Conductor

    Write a book on traveling the U.S.

    Circus performer

    Greyhound bus driver

    Create a group tour of the U.S. that people can take in an RV convoy and be the convoy leader 😀

    That’s all I got for now 😀


  3. flight attendant

    work on a cruise ship

    free lance writer

    travel nurse




    fishing boat


    military officer

    international photographer



    trade driver for car dealerships. when dealerships trade cars they pay people to drive the swapped vehicles from dealership to dealership.

  4. flight attendant

    travel nurse





    fishing boat


    international photographer


    military officer

    free lance writer

    driver for car dealership trades. when car dealerships swap vehicles they pay people to drive the cars from one dealership to another. amount of driving depends on how far away dealerships are from each other.

  5. Oh man. After reading this post I feel like we could be good friends instantly! I love traveling all over. I haven’t really explored the USA that much but I have traveled to other countries a lot of times. I am currently thinking about a trip to India in March. :]

    A place you could go for a living… Japan. I am teaching English in Japan until March, that is when my contract is over, and I feel like every time I step outside my apartment door, it is always an adventure. :]

    IE: Traveling to Tokyo on a bullet train and you don’t know Japanese and you have to FIND your friend in the Tokyo train station and you don’t have a cell phone. THAT was an adventure. :]

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