Washington – Days 3 & 4. Found; 14 Grasshoppers.

On Monday evening I tried to convince someone to move to Portland. Yesterday Jessica and I went to Jim & Patty’s and then re-visited one of the most adorable little places I have ever been to in my life – Found on Fremont. While there, I absolutely fell IN LOVE with these cute little greeting cards by Curly Girl Design. I will be buying prints for my wall, have no doubts about that. They are whimsical, girly, hopeful, and cheery. I love them so much.

Those are some of my favorites and the ones I will be trying to decide between to get for my wall. Input? They are all so adorable. Make sure to check out her website here, and be prepared to receive some of her adorable Christmas cards this year πŸ™‚

Today my dad and I met Jessica at Jim & Patty’s because I accidentally left my camera in Jessica’s car (thanks for keeping it safe, Jess!!) and was delighted to also see my friend Ellen, whom I forgot was meeting Jess for coffee. Later, my mom and Willie drove to McDonalds and I used the opportunity to catch a ride down the hill, where I walked around for a few hours. As I was walking along 78th street, I saw something jump at my feet and was delighted to see a grasshopper.. no TWO grasshoppers! I’d completely forgotten that they even existed. I began counting grasshoppers, and I saw fourteen of them. Unfortunately, many of them were feasting on other dead grasshoppers which I thought was repulsive.

After I returned home, I made cookies, ate dinner and now I am awaiting Trysh’s arrival so we can watch scary movies. this evening I will be making a nice little book for someone that is all about being alive. I’m excited, because it has been awhile since I was able to do something creative.

A few pictures, since I said they were coming.

Sunday, I went to Cassie's after having lunch with Ronalee. We made cards for Andrew since his birthday was on Monday. This is me hard at work making his beautiful birthday card that simply said "Happy birthday Andrew! I am glad you are alive."

a birthday cupcake. Andrew blew out the candle and when I asked if he'd made a wish he said he hadn't. Katie lit the candle again and then Andrew blew it out with a wish.

this plant was full of little pumpkins. It was a-door-a-bull.

oops... πŸ™‚

It is good to:
*be alive
*be hopeful
*be loved
*have dreams
*embrace change
*anticipate the future
*believe in true love.



4 thoughts on “Washington – Days 3 & 4. Found; 14 Grasshoppers.

  1. I love those cards! What a great find. My favorite one is the last one, naturally because when I laugh really hard I snort, and heeve, as well as a few other unpleasant things.

    I found you through blogfrog…and I am so happy I did. What a wonderful little place you have here πŸ™‚

  2. I LOVE those cards! Every one I read I thought, “Oh, that’s my favorite one.” And then I would read the next one. So it’s safe to say I love them all. And gross about the grasshoppers eating each other! I don’t mind spiders or bugs that just crawl really, but if they can hop or fly…I am not a fan of those.

  3. Those cards are adorable! I love the one that says given a cape and tiara, I would save the world πŸ™‚

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