thanks, tuesday!

Tuesday is a slightly unexceptional day. You know, it’s the day after Monday, the day before the middle of the week. It’s brother, Thursday, has more excitement around it – the last day before Friday, which makes the day even longer than a Friday. Tuesday, however. Tuesdays are unexceptional. Except today. and I want it to be contagious.

  • Southwest Airlines is having an awesome sale for the next few days. For flights between December 1 – 15th, 2010 and January 4th – February 16th, 2011, one way tickets are $30 (0-450 miles), $60 (451-1000 miles), $90 (1001-1500 miles) and $120 (1501+ miles). Perfect time for all of you people to come visit me in SoCal. I am just saying… 🙂 Check it out here. Spread the word. You’re welcome.
  • I’ve been holding off buying the new Taylor Swift album because I was looking forward to getting back in the habit of going to a record store and buying a new cd. Today I found out that you can by the MP3 album on Amazon for $3.99. How could I resist that? I couldn’t, so I bought it. Have not yet hit “play” yet, but I am looking forward to it. Get it here.
  • Grab a free copy of the Elevation Worship Remix EP just for tweeting about it. Download it here. Go go go!!
  • Mocha Club just launched their new line of scarves, fashionABLE. As soon as I can afford it, I am investing in one of these bad boys, even though I don’t wear scarves. Well, this and I am finally going to stock up on one of everything from the Mocha Club store, while I’m at it. Hopefully that will be soon. Because it’s the fall, and I’ve heard that scarves are good for the fall (even though I don’t wear scarves). Thank gosh they have that awesome tutorial on how to style your scarf. Awesome.
  • Grey’s Anatomy is on Lifetime. It had a Season 2 recap. I cried when Denny died. I will always cry when Denny dies. Also, can we all admit that the Izzy/Denny drama at the end of Season 2 and then the grief at Season 3 was the peak of Grey’s?? After that it just quickly went downhill.
  • Annie Downs wrote a beautiful blog about surfing. Not just regular surfing. Read it.

As my dad says every time I talk to him on the phone… “well, that’s about all that’s going on over here.”


One thought on “thanks, tuesday!

  1. I’m with on the Grey’s thing. We saw a commercial for it tonight and my mom asked if I still watched it. I told her that I stopped cause it was too much trouble keeping up with who was sleeping with who, who was officially dating who, who was cheating on who… I used to LOVE it though!

    And your comment about the bulldog cracked me up. You should go to a Home Goods and buy it, because the reaction of your roommates would be PRICELESS I’m sure!

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