My tea problem.

This is the problem I have with hot beverages. I don’t like to drink them when they are really hot. I like to drink them when they are juuuuust right. But I am starting to believe the moments for a hot drink to be juuuuuust right are much shorter than when it is too hot or disgustingly cold. I say this because I frequently sit patiently with a cup of tea or coffee and will take little sips of it until it is only a little hot, but more hot than warm. I try to drink this as fast as I possibly can because I know my time is limited.

Unfortunately, that hot beverage becomes disappointingly cold very quickly and I feel as if I have lost out on a really great drink.

I say this now because I am patiently sitting next to a mug of blueberry green tea, which I am hoping will go well with the Vicks I just downed and will help me start to feel better. Whatever I have is doing a fine job at kicking my butt.

*Side note: Since I have decided to believe in love and all of that stuff, I also decided to go back to putting my hair in french braids before bedtime. I gave it up because I decided it was childish, and now I do not care!


One thought on “My tea problem.

  1. I’ve been wearing my hair in braids a lot lately, too! I’m so glad you decided to believe in true love again!! It’s out there, for sure, it’s just not always easy to find. Have you seen Amelie? Though there are a couple of questionable scenes, it’s one of the most romantic films I’ve ever seen. And it just makes you HAPPY with all of its bright colors and sweetness.

    PS: I love you, too! I’m in the same boat as far as not having time to stay connected with people right now. Mostly because of school, but also because there are so many things in my daily life I want to be doing so I sacrifice my time on the internet. Or I try to anyway 😉

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