Friday, friday, friday… Saturday, saturday, saturday…

I started writing this yesterday. Then I got distracted, and now it’s Saturday. I am at Barnes & Noble while Aleen is at the gym. We do this often on Saturdays, and I enjoy it very much.

More lists, because it is a lot of fun to make lists and cut straight to the point. Plus, I like how the list bullets show up with stars. Is the list format annoying?

  • Bruno Mars is amazing. Mei-Ling told me to listen to one of his songs and then I heard “Just the Way You Are” on the radio and fell in love with that.. and last night we found out that it is only $5.00 on amazon for the MP3 album. So I bought it. and I love it. Buy it! I haven’t even listened to the new Taylor Swift album yet because I am so happy to have this one.
  • I don’t know where I’ve been, but Kanye West has been posting singles on his website every Friday for awhile. I caught up on them all, plus a really phenomenal track I missed thanks to my friend Ryan. Don’t miss out, go to
  • You can get $3 in Amazon MP3 credits for FREE. Go to this site and enter the code “STUDENT3”. The offer expires Monday, November 1st so do it right now. and then maybe buy the Bruno Mars CD? 🙂
  • My friend Shannon has a picture entered in a GOOD readers contest. Please take a moment to go to this page and vote for #3, a picture Shannon took in Haiti! To me the picture is even more beautiful when you consider where it was from and the symbolism behind it.
  • Have you read about this girl who killed her baby because he was crying while she played Farmville?
  • I am bored of lists so the next time I update, it will be with a legit post. In the mean time, some pictures to make up for it.

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