the anti-being

Last night I had a dream about something called the Anti-Being. and now I want to write a story about the Anti-Being. Even though I am not too great at writing, I am going to write about this Anti-Being. He is a bad guy. Leaves claw marks everywhere and puddles of water and fire marks from where he throws up fire and ice covered vomit. That’s all I know about the Anti-Being.

What do you know about the Anti-Being?


One thought on “the anti-being

  1. Hey SO!

    I was curious about this Anti-Being so I googled it. Of course, your mention of same was ranked first (as it should be, smile) but there is also a comic book character by that name. Perhaps you were channeling Marvel Comics! Anyway, here’s the link, I imagine he looks different than your Anti-Being!

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