“Homeless for the Holidays” DVD review.

One of the benefits of being an active blogger is the opportunity to review things.This is a review for the DVD “Homeless for the Holidays.” I was provided this DVD so I could review it and I am not obligated to write positive thoughts. 🙂

The movie is based on a true story and centers around one family’s financial crisis, happening around Christmas. At first everything seems fine and like money will be tight for a little bit – bills go unpaid, food stamps must get collected.. and finally their electricity goes off, leaving them to huddle around the fire for warmth.

My life was not made better because I watched this movie, and I did get a few laughs out of the horrible acting. One of my roommates walked in and quickly identified it as a Christian film because of the acting. It felt more like watching a high school play. The characters weren’t incredibly likable and it was hard to really empathize with them because some of the extremities of their situation were the result of bad decisions. Stupid ones, even.

However, this movie is not without some applicable teachings, things about generosity and faith and being entrusted with a little. And humility was in there, too.

Would I recommend this movie? Probably not. Would I watch this movie again? Probably not. Would I have watched the movie if I’d not received a free copy? Probably not.


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