Puzzles, praises & paper.

The older I get, the less I have to say. I was reading some stuff I wrote a long time ago and realized how much more insightful I am when I write just because. For some reason, blogging scares me and I feel as if my posts need to have a subject or one common theme or something… and I’m not too great at that.


A few weeks ago Brandon and Tyler came over with a 1,500 piece puzzle that was partially finished and sat on the floor. One evening I worked on it for 4 hours before getting what can only be described as a death threat from Brandon if there was a noticeable difference. then last night Brandon told Rachel that we could destroy the puzzle. So I was up until 4 am working on it, then I went to bed and woke up and finished around 4 pm. Was I proud? Absolutely. Now I’m ready for another one.


The song Because of Who You Are has been stuck in my head;

Because of who you are I give you glory
Because of who you are, I give you praise
Because of who you are I will lift my voice and sing,
“Lord I worship you because of who you are.”

Jehovah Jirah; My provider.
Jehovah Nissi; Lord you reign in victory.
Jehovah Shalom; My prince of peace.
And I worship you because of who you are.

We recently finished our study on the book of Job with the Torrance Bible Study. Every week, Major Ivan kept talking about when God finally responds to everything Job says, so by the time we got around to those final chapters I was so ready for it.. and you know what I loved so much about it? God doesn’t respond to any of Job’s accusations or questions. God basically says, in a bunch of rhetorical questions, I AM WHO I AM. He reminds Job of who he is. God. and Major Ivan said something along the lines of “God is loving and kind and gracious, but he is still God.”

So I’ve been thinking a lot about it and have fleeting moments of understanding about it, how God is so much more than I can understand or comprehend, and even at my moments of despair or abandonment or frustration.. God has not ever, for a moment, ceased to be God. One of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes says

A man can no more diminish God’s glory by refusing to worship Him than a lunatic can put out the sun by scribbling the word, ‘darkness’ on the walls of his cell.

Awhile ago I wrote about how my prayer journal has spaces for “answered prayers” and then “praises” and how I was learning the discipline of separating the two. It is dangerous when the state of our praises is dependent on the state of our prayer requests, because then we see God with strings attached. When we let our prayer requests determine our view of God, we are robbing ourselves the opportunity to dive into his mysteries.

We have allowed the line between answered prayer requests and praises to get to blurred, which I think is the result of us settling for a cheap kind of prayer life, a prayer life that says Dear God at the beginning and Amen at the end and in the middle is neatly packed a few thank you’s and a few Lord I just ask’s. We tack on some thoughts about God’s power if they relate to our prayer requests.

But that song. Man, that song gets me. BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE, I give you glory. Nothing about the things he does or did or will do or has promised to do. Just simply because he is who he is.

I suggest (because I know how much everyone loves my unwarranted advice) taking time, setting aside moments, to just lavish praises on the Lord. You can never over-praise God. If anything, he settles for our humble worship and the kind of puny offering of our lives. He deserves more than we can give. Remember that. I’m going to heed my own advice and start being more deliberate about praise time, and I am going to do it in a time where my energy is only focused on praises. Nothing to do with me. Try it, let’s see what happens.


Finally; tonight we were bored. So we made paper snowflakes for our apartment. Hopefully tomorrow I will get fishing line and hang them from our ceiling. But I had so much fun with construction paper that I {obviously} then made a paper chain and a 3-d stands all by itself little Christmas tree. I hope we leave up all of our holiday decorations all year long, so that it looks like a 1st grader lives with us.

and I love this font. I am happy I figured out how to use it on my blog. It might make me want to blog more.

ps Rachel has put together a Bible study and I cannot wait – absolutely CANNOT WAIT – for it to get started and to be a part of it.



4 thoughts on “Puzzles, praises & paper.

  1. I always loved making snowflakes and paper chains for the holidays when I was in college. Now that I’m back home I think my mom’s decorating plans are a little more…sophisticated…than paper chains ha. We always made tons and tons of snowflakes and then hung them from our ceiling…it always looked so festive. And you could leave them up all winter long! Bonus! Have fun!

    Also, your “praises” section in this post? I loved it.

  2. I always thought that answered prayer requests were just a category under praises.
    Like in an outline it would look like this.

    1. Praises
    a) Answered Prayer
    1. Joe not having cancer
    2. Salvation of a friend
    3. Overcoming Temptations
    b) Daily provisions
    1. Food
    2. Breathe
    3. Shelter
    c) Who he is
    1. His Faithfulness
    2. His Mercy
    3. His Greatness

    Does that make sense? Are you saying that sometimes people only praise God for what he does or them?

  3. That did not format how I had it. Whoops. HAHAHAHA. It looks hillarious. If you can just mentally tab over the applicable lines in your head like an outline that would be greatly appreciated.

  4. hahaha Bradley, I got it. It still made sense. and yes, that’s what I’m getting at.
    I agree that answered prayers can be praises, but when the bulk of our praises are in response to our prayers, I think we tend to see the goodness of God with how it directly relates to what we’ve been praying for, if that makes sense?

    I think it is good to praise God for who is he AND what he does, but we cannot forget to simply praise God for who he is, REGARDLESS of what he does (or doesn’t do, even).

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