today has been a strange day.

I’m ready for bed so this will be quick. Did you know that on Thursdays and Fridays I start my day at 3:15, because I leave to babysit at 3:45? It’s true. Last night I had a hard time falling asleep and subsequently got little to no sleep, which I countered with a lot of coffee. So I’ve been a little strange all day. let me tell you some of the strangeness.

Strangeness #1. After I got out of the shower, I was talking to Rachel who was in the living room. I heard someone in the kitchen and assumed it was Aleen, so when I turned around and Aleen immediately walked out of our room I freaked out. I thought she had magically transported from the kitchen to our room without me noticing. But it turns out it was just Hannah who was in the kitchen.

Strangeness #2. I came home this evening after looking at Christmas lights with Sarah, and walked into Hannah and Rachel’s room. I thought that they were both sitting on Hannah’s bed but a few feet into the room realized that it was Caleb sitting with Hannah and not Rachel. That freaked me out, because Rachel was just sitting on her bed.

Strangeness #3. A few minutes later I walked out of their room and saw what I thought was Stephen standing in the kitchen with a pillow up his shirt. Then I realized it was just him and Aleen hugging, but their sweatshirts were almost the same color.

but then, and this is my reasoning as to why Stephen is one of the funniest people I have ever met…

I went back in Hannah & Rachel’s room and a few minutes later went to get something from my room, and there was Stephen.

Standing very tall
Waiting for me
With a pillow up his shirt.

and I fell on the floor laughing.

I actually fell on the floor laughing during each of these incidents.

Today has been a strange day, but I have enjoyed it very much. Tomorrow I will drive to see the Birks, and I love those guys.



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