TWOsday #3.

Yesterday was a travel day. I flew in to Oakland, where Stacy picked me up, packed me a little lunch, and then I was on my way. Almost at the last minute {okay, 2 hours out} I called up Katie to see if I could stay the night with her family instead of driving all the way home. The answer was yes.

#1. Katie.

If I was Katie’s age, or were Katie to be my age, I wonder if we’d be friends. Not because she sucks or I suck, but because I think Katie is way cooler than I am. Sometimes I’m glad to have Katie in my life because the 15-year-old in me feels really validated to be friends with her. Fifteen-year-old Stephanie would be intimidated to silence {hard to imagine, right?} around Katie. Maybe. Katie can be pretty quiet herself, so maybe instead of misinterpreting her quietness we’d bond over it. I don’t know. Who cares? The important thing is that Katie is not my age, and that means I don’t have to worry about it.

I’ve known Katie since she was little, but we’ve become closer in the past few years and I am glad. She is inspiring and uplifting, full of hope and joy that blows my mind. You know how people kind of think of teenagers and roll their eyes? Katie is not like that. She’s awesome and I don’t roll my eyes at her.

My life is blessed to know Katie. and I made sure to pick out a picture of us that accurately reflects that.

#2. Friends like Jessica who love me.

I’ve been really sad about coming back to California. Last night I summed up my day and emotions in a text message to Gregory that said that I felt like there was a monster living in my heart with claws and teeth. I was battling it something fierce, trying so hard to remain optimistic and not be full of sadness. Which was why the decision to stay with Katie was so crucial for my emotional well-being.

Just made it home awhile ago, and there was a box waiting for me from Jessica. I opened it to discover three ziplock bags – one with cookies and two with coffee from our favorite coffee place in Portland. Neither of us live in Portland anymore and the symbolism and kindness of it means the world to me.

Being here isn’t so bad, now that I have a little piece of Portland with me for the monster inside to consume and digest.

So today’s optimism is brought to you largely in part by Jessica and Katie.


8 thoughts on “TWOsday #3.

  1. I’m gonna bring lots of that coffee with me in February. Then we can drink it together. I think my heart needs that. Well, at least it needs looking forward to it part.

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