I’m Stephanie. My middle name is Amber. The middle name is from a trashy romance novel. Classy.

Right now I live in Covina, California. Look it up on a map. You’ll forget about it soon after.
I don’t really know why I live here, only that I do.

But I’m from the Northwest, which is the most beautiful place you could ever imagine.
It is green and season-y and there are a lot of coffee places.

The majority of my waking time is spent trying to grow my faith, to be more like Jesus, to wrestle with hard things.
I am a bit of a Salvationist and a bit of a Baptist, but I don’t really buy into the idea of denominations so mostly I am just a follower of Jesus Christ. The rest is all up for debate, I guess.

My favorite color is pink, and this tends to make up a huge part of my identity.

I love things with glitter and hearts and magic and sparkles and swirls. Just picture one of the Taylor Swift greeting cards and you’ll get a good idea of the things that make my world go round.


That’s me.

my hill.



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